The Comité Jean Michel Frank has been initiated by the artist's family. The task of the Comité is to defend and promote the works of the creator in France and worldwide. The Comité rallies art world personalities, experts, university scholars, and curators.
The task of the Comité : based on family archives, collecting all documents and archives on Jean- Michel Frank ; indexing all his creation ; fighting fraudulent imitation ; attending to preserve Jean Michel Frank's memory.


The  main task of the Comité Jean-Michel Frank, representing Jean-Michel Frank’s copyrights owners, is to fight forgeries.

All works supposedly created by Jean-Michel Frank can be submitted to the Comité Jean-Michel Frank. After the opening of a corresponding file, the Comité will give its expert advice on the authenticity of the piece of art.
This has been the case for works attributed to Frank being auctioned by Christie’s (Paris, London, New York), Sotheby’s (New York, London, Paris) Artcurial (Paris), Phillips (New York, London), Tajan (Paris).. etc.

The Comité Jean-Michel Frank is currently proceeding to Jean-Michel Frank’s descriptive catalogue. We thank in advance collectors, institutions or art dealers who would send us all documents related to Jean-Michel Frank works : descriptions, photography, history and origin, and so forth…


Honorary President - Alice Frank (✝)
President - Thierry Spitzer
Secretary General - Suzanne Roblou
Treasurer - Marie Haddou

Honorary Members
Pierre Bergé (✝); Jorge Born (✝); Buddy Elias (✝), president Anne Frank-Fonds; Claude Picasso; Yves Saint Laurent (✝); Léopold Sanchez, Art Historian and journalist; Maarten van Buuren, Writer and French literature professor at Utrecht University; Etienne Dreyfous ; Laurence Benaïm, journalist & writer; Cristobal del Castillo de Mora y Aragon.